An Interfaith Approach to Advancing Inclusive Education

The G20 2020 theme,┬áRealizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All, is supported by a global consensus that inclusive education should be a core policy priority. The GHFP team have been working in collaboration with the G20 Interfaith… Read More

HCE Lectures in China

This year, the GHFP was invited by Beijing Normal University to teach a credit course on HCE. Dr Scherto Gill and┬áProfessor Kenneth Gergen, a fellow of the GHFP, provided the lectures together. Participants are masters, doctoral and post-doctoral… Read More

How to create a Learning Community

For a school to become a learning community, it requires processes whereby leaders, staff members, students, parents and others in the community integrate and live out human-centred values and imbibe a human-centred culture. Redesigning the school involves a systemic approach to transformation in five core areas:

Features of Learning Community

values underpinning a learning community