The vision of Human-Centred Education arose from over two decades of work at the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP). By supporting educational projects and schools worldwide, organising international conferences and symposia, and conducting empirical research into education, the GHFP consolidated and articulated the idea underlying Human-Centred Education.

Briefly, Human-Centred Education (HCE) radically rethinks the aims of education, the nature of learning, and the relationship between individuals in schools. HCE is more than a set of inflexible pedagogical prescriptions or a recipe of lesson plans. It originates from the fundamental values of respecting each individual’s intrinsic value as a person, care, relationship and well-being.

This accessible website presents resources for a HCE approach to secondary schooling and includes a variety of rich ideas and pedagogical examples. It provides practical suggestions as to how the HCE approach might be adopted as a whole-school initiative, or else woven into particular aspects of existing school life, including the curriculum, classroom culture and feedback and learning review.

The resources also illustrate how holistic educational practices, found in some alternative schools, can be introduced fruitfully into the state educational system with step-by-step guidance on how to integrate HCE into classrooms practices, teacher training and school governance.

This website aims to provide support to secondary school teachers, members of school management and leadership teams, those currently undertaking teacher training, as well as anyone else, who are interested integrating HCE in teaching and learning.

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