Feedback and Review

A human-centred approach to educational evaluation focuses on developing systems of feedback and review to further support students’ learning and improve teaching. It challenges the use of testing as the major way to assess and measure students’ learning.

From a human-centred view, feedback from teachers and peers can offer invaluable opportunities for the student to understand their progress with regard to learning goals, as well as in accordance with external academic and project standards. Learning review also enables students to appreciate better how these standards relate to the more basic epistemological values.

At the same time, a human-centred approach encourages more active self-evaluation in terms of the one’s own past (ipsative feedback). This approach has four very important features:

(1) It requires understanding the relevant standards well, i.e. what counts as good in this context.
(2) It embodies the idea that individuals are responsible for their own learning and promotes more proactive motivation.
(3) It includes critical self-reflection, an important human quality.
(4) It encourages students to improve relative to their own past rather than by being better than others.

Feedback for students

Feedback for teachers

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