Human-Centred Education books

For more on Human-Centred Education, please see Rethinking Secondary Education: A Human-Centred Approach by Scherto Gill & Garrett Thomson, published by Pearson Education in 2012. This book articulates and develops a human-centred vision from conceptual perspectives. These theories form… Read More

Learning Community

A human-centred school is a community of learners. This idea involves a radical reframing of what a school is. This reframing is required in order for the human-centred approaches to curriculum, pedagogy and learning feedback and review to… Read More

Learning Mentor

The Learning Mentor works with the student on one-to-one level. There are broadly five key aspects to the work of mentoring: Getting to know the student (1) getting to know the student’s background (eg, life history) (2) understanding… Read More

Feedback for students

Feedback for students has three essential features. Student responsibility. Holistic development. Understanding what is good work and how to improve. Non-judgemental improvement with critical self-reflection.