The GHFP’s HCE pilot in a school in La Tebaida, Colombia, is witnessing transformative experiences in the students. The Mentoring sessions provide a safe space for students to share their lives in ways they have seldom done before. The caring from the pastoral team has touched the students deeply, and they feel that their life matters and their well-being is respected.

For the team to work together concertedly, the professional learning and professional development entails a few aspects:

First, the team share their respective learning biographies as a basis for each teacher to articulate their personal ‘theorisation’ of learning and approaches to teaching. This sharing in turn helps bring teachers closer as their appreciation of each other’s narrative and life histories deepens. 

Second, teachers form pairs and each pair forms a mentoring partnership who would observe and provide feedback to the other on activity design, classroom teaching, and interaction with students.

Third, once a week, the team would spend time to read HCE theories together and discuss how key philosophical ideas might be relevant and applied to the school’s situation, especially in terms of how teachers relate to the students. 

Equally, the weekly meeting is also a social time when the team share stories of the week over coffee. The message is clear: professional development is fun and relaxing.